Rolls by The Fancy Plate

Balaclava foodies seeking authentic and delicious Japanese fare head to Rolls Japanese Kitchen on Carlisle Street. From fresh sushi rolls and soup to curries and karaage chicken, there’s something on the menu to tempt all tastebuds at this local eatery, where cabinets overflow with readymade delicacies. Take a seat to peruse a menu made from the freshest produce to create dishes such as katsu don – crumbed chicken cutlet and egg on rice – or delve into stir-fried pork with housemade ginger sauce and sides of zucchini, mushroom, carrot and pickled radish. Vegetarians are well catered for with choices like deep-fried agedashi tofu, ankake sauce and a side of kimchi fried rice; or grab a DIY sushi set to take home with nori, salmon sashimi, vegetables, chicken, avocado, tuna and sushi rice.

Homemade fresh kimchi

30+ kinds of sushi everyday

Home delivery 

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